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Are there different breeds of alpacas?
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Are there different breeds of alpacas?
No, but there are two different types of alpacas - the Huacaya (seen
here on my site) are teddy bear like and have fiber that grows
perpendicular to their bodies.  The Suri is the other type and have long
silky pencil locks that grows horizontal to their body.

The lifespan of the alpaca is about 20 years and gestation is 11.5
months. Adult alpacas are about 36" tall at the withers and generally
weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. They are gentle and easy to handle.
Alpacas don't have incisors, horns, hooves or claws. Clean-up is easy
since alpacas deposit droppings in only a few places in the paddock. They
require minimal fencing and can be pastured at 5 to 10 per acre.

Male alpacas are typically tidier with their poop pile than the females.  
I attribute this primarily to the fact that the crias live with the
females and generally aren't as tidy until they are older. Once an animal
makes a new pile, others keep adding to it.
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